eReadiness Coefficient

  The eR coefficient represents the sum of knowledge for an individual, reported to his belonging department requirements.
  The eR coefficient computing for an employee is done based on a department's profile of. For each product we have also a number of points reflecting its importance in that department's profile.
  Example: If the proposed profile for a deparment is the one on the top image, and up to date our employee has obtained the test results shown in the bottom image, his eR coefficient will be as following:

(Note: p = points; n = number of levels needed for that product)

(3p/3n)x(100+90+90) + (2p/3n)x(100+80+0) + (4p/2n)x(75+0) =
3p + 2 p + 4 p

= 1x280 + 0,66x180 + 2x75 = 280 + 120 + 150 = 550 = 61.1111 %
9p 9 9